A German nightclub has got around coronavirus restrictions by holding a rave in its car park.



Club Index, in the town of Schuttorf, hosted a drive-in rave where 250 cars were allowed to enter. Each vehicle had to carry a maximum of two people.

A festival stage was made for the event and was equipped with a full sound-system. Video footage shows drivers beeping their horns and flashing their lights in time to the music.

DJs including Nitefield and Devin Wild played and videos of their sets have since gone viral.

Speaking about his unique performance, Nitefield told Mixmag:

''[We didn't have any] personal interaction with the audience at all, [so] it was really challenging to call them in to action.

''Some people from the 'crowd' started to push their horns which gave us great feedback and from that point, we knew how to communicate with them and we could turn this event into something really personal.''