A giant video game joystick has been honoured in the Guinness World Records.

Atari 2600

Atari 2600

Mary Flanagan, a professor at Dartmouth College, created the nine-foot controller in 2006 after being inspired by playing the Atari 2600 video games as a child.

Flanagan has now been recognised in the 2022 edition of the book for the joystick, which is almost 14 times the size of the classic Atari controller.

She explained that she wanted to create a device that would encourage people to play with friends, collaborators or even strangers.

Flanagan said: "It takes at least two people to operate the joystick and push the button to play classic Atari games such as 'Centipede' and 'Breakout'.

"To have this common pop culture artefact just erupt in the middle of a space and allow people to play something familiar, yet not familiar, was exciting.

"In order to play you would have to, as a player, as a participant in the work, get someone to play with you. It's really impossible to play the game by yourself."