Today is National Old Stuff Day- a day to cleanse your life of old stuff, old habits and breathe some new life into your days. Here’s ten ways you can do this- not just today but moving forward too.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Start a donation bag- Grab any old bag or box and dedicate it to the things you want to get rid of. Place one thing in the bag tonight to get started- ask your partner, kids or family to do the same if you live with other people. Every time something comes to the end of its life in your home- put it in the bag. As soon as the bag is full- take it to the charity shop- then start another bag. Easy.

Put a spring cleaning plan in place- If you can’t be bothered to start your purging of old stuff when you get in from work- write a list of what you are going to tackle and when. Maybe you will start this weekend with one room in your home and give it a thorough clean and sort. Perhaps you will begin with the junk drawer and take things small but steady- whatever suits your lifestyle- just make sure you have a something to stick to to keep the momentum going.

If a task overwhelms you start REALLY small- Gather every pen in your home and try them all to see if they work and bin the ones that don’t.

Check all your make up- it will tell you how long you are supposed to keep it after its been opened on the back. Anything that has exceeded this time- throw away.

Turn all your hangers the wrong way around- a five-minute task but very telling once you’ve done it. Every time you use an item, put the hanger back the right way. Anything that is still the wrong way in six months- get rid.

These suggestions don’t take long but something is better than nothing.

Take notice of the old things- Perhaps you have something in your home that is old and of value. Look around- this item might be in your attic- if you don’t use it and it has no sentimental value- it might be time to find out what it’s worth and generate some cash to put towards something you will enjoy.

Take an honest look at your bad habits- Do you smoke? Eat too much? Never do any exercise? Drink excessively? We all have our vices- but if it’s detrimental to your health- now is the time to change. Why not make an appointment at your doctors to discuss quitting smoking? Or make a plan with a dietician or join a slimming group? Or go out for a walk with your partner? Or swap an alcoholic drink for a non-alcoholic substitute? There is no time like the present.

Do something old for something new today- If you always do the same things on a Friday- do something different. Give your body and your mind a jolt by avoiding the rut. This doesn’t have to be huge- but something small yet noticeable will stop you falling into the predictable cycle. Always get take out? Why not cook something instead? Always watch TV? Go for a walk or do some gardening to get you out the house.

Examine old hobbies- Do you have a pile of knitting things you’ve never gotten around to making anything with? A set of golf clubs you’ve only used once? A gym membership that is sapping you of your disposable income? If this sounds like you- it might be time to admit that this hobby isn’t for you. Sell or give away the tools to carry it out and think about a new hobby- one; you will enjoy and two; you will stick to. And if you have any hobbies that are draining you of cash- cancel the subscription and put the money towards something that will bring you some happiness.

Take a moment to think about outdated thoughts- We all have them- things we have dragged along from childhood and treated as gospel in our adult lives. Write down ten things you tell yourself on a regular basis that are both old and negative. It’s time to replace these with new thoughts that will make you feel good. Instead of berating your body in the mirror every time you look at it- pay yourself a compliment. As you go to put yourself down in front of others- stop- if you wouldn’t say it to a friend or partner- why would you say it to yourself? Instead of telling yourself you can’t do something- do the opposite. You CAN change careers, you CAN write that book, you CAN do that race. If you believe, then you will start to put the things in place to achieve it.

Happy National Old Stuff Day everyone!

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