A Japanese man has defended his decision to defecate outdoors.

Bizarre on Female First

Bizarre on Female First

Masana Izawa, a 69-year-old conservationist and photographer from Tokyo, has been relieving himself in the open air since 1974 in a bid to protect the environment.

For almost a decade, Masana has used a toilet just 14 times and defecated 15,000 times.

He said: ''To poop is a responsibility we need to be aware of. To poop outdoors is a way of giving back life.

''If you're an ant, it's a fairy tale candy house.''

Masana revealed that nobody has questioned him yet.

He added: ''There are criticisms, with some saying that it's unsanitary, dangerous, illegal etc. But I have never been told not to do it.''

On the best way to poo outdoors, he instructed: ''Select an appropriate location so as not to contaminate the alpine zone and water source where the decomposition power is weak.

''Make sure to dig a hole and fill it.''