Kangaroos are petrified of human conversation.

Kangaroos are scared of human conversation

Kangaroos are scared of human conversation

A new study has revealed that the marsupials are over twice as likely to flee from recordings of humans talking than they would after hearing the sounds of Tasmanian devils or wolves.

The findings add further validation to the idea that humans are the ultimate predator, as previous analysis from the Serengeti to the Arctic has shown.

The boffins had been determined to extend their study to Australia as the lack of "mammalian predators" in the country meant the results may have varied.

Liana Zanette, a researcher from Western University in Canada, said: "We often just do not think of ourselves as a major predator, let alone the most lethal and dangerous predator out there.

"But animals clearly tell us differently. They think differently, and they do recognise us for what we are, and they do flee from humans more often than any other predator."