Landfill workers searched through piles of rubbish to help a woman find her jewellery.

Diamond ring

Diamond ring

Pam Smith was cleaning her home in North Carolina when she noticed that some of her rings were missing and soon realised that she had mistakenly thrown them in the bin.

She told WECT-TV: "I just was frantic that I couldn't find my rings.

"But, I knew in my heart I had thrown them accidentally in the trash."

Smith flagged down landfill workers Elliott Holliday and Kendrick Grady who vowed to hunt through a truckload of junk to find the rings.

The search took hours but the jewellery was discovered just minutes before the dump was due to close.

Grady explained: "We just needed a flat piece of land to be able to unload the truck.

"It's like we went through every bag. We went through, literally, the last bag before we found it. It was truly a miracle."