The Loch Ness Monster could be an endangered creature.

The Loch Ness Monster could be at risk

The Loch Ness Monster could be at risk

Nessie expert Andrew McGrath has stressed the importance of teaching the younger generations about the legendary Scottish beast as it could prove vital to the creature's survival.

Author and documentary-maker McGrath told the Daily Star newspaper: "It's important because these mysteries are our cultural folklore and need to be preserved as part of our children's inheritance.

"But there's also another reason why we need to encourage our children to take up the hunt for Nessie, and this is the possibility that she is indeed an unknown species living in a fragile eco-system that may be in need of protection."

McGrath is convinced that something is afoot in Loch Ness but says it will be down to youngsters to discover exactly what.

He said: "Personally, I believe there really is an unknown animal in Loch Ness and that only good research undertaken by citizen scientists will lead to its discovery.

"It's all very well to have a bunch of old folks like myself stomping around the Loch, but really, Nessie hunting is an adventure of discovery and the gift of discovery belongs to the young."