A shopper has completed his six-year challenge to park in every car parking space at his local Sainsbury's store.

A car

A car

Gareth Wild, from Bromley in London, decided to take on the challenge to make his shopping trips "less mundane" and produced a thorough map of the 211 spots he could park in.

He wrote on Twitter: "For the last six years I’ve kept a spreadsheet listing every parking spot I’ve used at the local supermarket in a bid to park in them all. This week I completed my Magnum Opus!"

Wild finally completed his challenge last week by parking in a space that he had described as a "pig to get in".

He said: "I don’t want to make out this was too big a deal, but there was a moment of elation.

"There’s only so many parking spaces, why not try and get them all? It’s a collector’s thing I suppose."