A man found the world's biggest Hula Hoop in a packet of salt and vinegar crisps.



Alec Linley was tucking into a bag of his daughter Ivy's favourite snack when he discovered the colossal curvy crisp which measures five inches.

He decided not to eat the giant crisp and is now planning to raise money for the NHS by auctioning off the massive Hula Hoop.

Linley, from Kent, told The Sun newspaper: "I couldn’t believe the size — it’s huge! It was almost bigger than the packet.

"I was very, very close to eating it but I’m glad I didn’t.

"I saw someone had sold one online for £700. I don’t know who would pay that for an old crisp but it’s worth a go."

The giant snack is around 12 times longer than a normal Hula Hoop and breaks the previous record of 4.5 inches set in 2015.