A man failed a job interview within five minutes of arriving thanks to a very simple mistake.

Man fails job interview within minutes

Man fails job interview within minutes

The unnamed man made a bad impression at the office when he turned up and didn't treat the receptionist - who was actually the hiring manager in disguise - with proper respect.

The woman who conducted his interview wrote on Reddit: "Today, a candidate blew his interview in the first five minutes after he entered the building.

"He was dismissive to the receptionist. She greeted him and he barely made eye contact. She tried to engage him in conversation. Again, no eye contact, and no interest in speaking with her."

The prospective employee - who didn't get the job - had no clue the receptionist was actually deciding whether or not to hire hin, and she decided against it after seeing how he behaved on his way into the office.

She continued: "What the candidate did not realise was that the 'receptionist' was actually the hiring manager.

"She called him back to the conference room and explained how every single person on our team is valuable and worthy of respect.

"Due to his interaction with the 'receptionist', the hiring manager did not feel he was a good fit. Thank you for your time but the interview is over. Be nice to everyone in the building."

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