A man's family are refusing to come to his wedding after he announced his engagement at his stepsister's funeral.

Man announces engagement at stepsister's funeral

Man announces engagement at stepsister's funeral

The 19-year-old man in the United States has explained how he proposed to his 20-year-old girlfriend just before his step-sister died suddenly aged just 14, and so he decided to wait until his family had grieved before revealing his news.

Taking to Reddit, he wrote: "I found out my 14-year-old step sister had passed away suddenly. Because of this, it didn't feel right to announce our engagement. I wanted to give my family the space to grieve but I also wanted to announce my engagement.

"A few weeks later my girlfriend and I flew to California for the funeral. My entire family was there which is unusual considering we all live in different states and countries.

"It was basically a family reunion and had this been under any other circumstances, this would have been the perfect time to announce our engagement but it just didn't feel right because everyone was down."

However, he explained that after a "depressing" service, the mood began to improve at the wake, and he decided the moment was "as good as ever to announce the good news".

He called a toast to reveal his engagement, but a hush fell over the room.

He continued: "A few minutes later, my step sister's older half sister's boyfriend asked to speak to me outside.

"We went outside where I was confronted by my step sister's older half sister who was crying hysterically and told me that i always make everything about myself and asked me why I couldn't just let this one day be about someone else.

"She and her boyfriend then demanded that me and my girlfriend leave and not come back. I asked my mum and step-dad if I should leave and they coldly told me to go."

Since the funeral, his loved ones have slammed the ill-timed announcement, and many have since refused to attend the wedding.

He added: "I have now received multiple text messages from friends and family chastising me for 'making a funeral all about me' and several saying they won't be coming to my wedding."