A man's addiction to Marmite has been cured by hypnosis.

A man had his addiction to Marmite cured by hypnosis

A man had his addiction to Marmite cured by hypnosis

Michael Pryce-Jones used to get through a jar of the divisive substance per week as he ate a Marmite sandwich every single day.

The 37-year-old - who hails from Worcestershire in the UK - claims that he has eaten more than 12,000 Marmite sandwiches during his life but piled on the pounds as he never ate fruit and vegetables because they made him gag whenever he put them near his mouth.

After a number of hypnotherapy sessions with specialist David Kilmurry, Pryce-Jones was diagnosed with avoidant-restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID) and is now able to eat fruit, veg and chicken casserole.

He told the Metro newspaper: "I've had a Marmite sandwich every day for 35 years, without fail. It's like a religion and it would feel wrong to have a different filling.

"People ask if I don't get bored but I never have done. I just love the taste of it.

"When I put on all the weight I knew it was important for me to try fruit and vegetables too though which is why I got help.!