A medical fetish website has donated its scrubs to an NHS hospital.

Bizarre on Female First

Bizarre on Female First

MedFetUK - which is described as ''the only online store 100 per cent dedicated to Medical Fetish, Kink and Role-play'' - claimed that it had been contacted by the health service on social media as they were trying to find more protective equipment and clothing for staff caring for those infected with coronavirus.

A tweet read: ''Today we donated our entire stock of disposable scrubs to an NHS hospital. It was just a few sets, because we don't carry large stocks, but they were desperate, so we sent them free of charge.''

MedFet UK added: ''We are not heroes and we don't deserve any special kudos. We just did the obvious and only right thing to do. The real heroes are the NHS staff at every level who are on the front line of this fight.''

It is unspecified how many scrubs they sent or to which hospital they went to.