Men with big noses have larger penises, a study has found.

A nose

A nose

Research has revealed that men with larger conks are up to 30 per cent bigger down below than those who only have small noses.

Experts have said that it could as a result of exposure to hormones in the womb, called androgens, with levels in pregnancy thought to impact on the size of some body parts.

126 men from Japan were studied for the research and those with a nose length of 1.7 inches had an average non-erect penis size of four inches while guys with hooters of more than two inches boasted an average penis length of 5.3 inches.

However, penis size bears no relation to body shape, weight or age.

It has previously been suggested big hands or feet correspond with a larger penis and Dr. Hiroshi Ikegayal said the study, reported in the Basic and Clinical Andrology, is the first to show a link between nose and penis size.