Men who gorge on junk food are more likely to have small testicles and a low sperm count, a new study suggests.

Bizarre on Female First

Bizarre on Female First

Researchers measured the testicle size and sperm count of 2,935 men with an average age of 19 during military service entrance exams.

Those who ate a diet rich in fish, chicken, fruit, vegetable and water produced the most sperm and of a consistently high quality - but those who ate a largely junk food diet, high in processed foods and red meat, averaged just 122 million sperm per load and has a testicle volume of 13.1ml.

Study leader Dr. Feiby Nassan said men may boost their chances of becoming a dad by eating a balanced diet.

She said: ''Adherence to generally healthy diet patterns was associated with better semen quality, with potentially more favourable fertility potential amongst adult men.''