Milan is set to ban ice cream after midnight.

Milan is banning ice cream after midnight from next month

Milan is banning ice cream after midnight from next month

New rules will forbid the sale of takeaway drinks and food - including both pizza and ice cream - in 12 of the Italian city's districts as part of a bid to crack down on revellers gathering on the streets late at night.

The measures are due to be implemented from May 7 until the beginning of November.

Marco Granelli, the deputy mayor responsible for security, wrote on Facebook: "We are seeking a balance between sociality and entertainment, the peace and health of the residents and the free economic activity of trades and entrepreneurs."

Milan's mayor Giuseppe Sala told reporters last month that the authorities have had to act on noise complaints in Italy's financial capital.

He said: "A sizeable segment of the population is complaining about excessive noise.

"In my role I have to listen to all citizens, including those who have to work and those who want to do their business."

The rules apply to many different takeaway foods but critics are particularly angered by the ice cream ban - as a late-night gelato is regarded as key cornerstone of Italian culture.