The Moon is to get its own time zone.

The Moon will soon have its own time zone

The Moon will soon have its own time zone

US space agency NASA has been directed by the White House to develop Coordinated Lunar Time (LTC) - which will provide a time-keeping method for spacecraft and satellites on missions where precision is needed.

A standard lunar time is important as time moves quicker there compared to Earth by 58.7 microseconds every day.

NASA's space communications and navigation chief Kevin Coggins said: "An atomic clock on the Moon will tick at a different rate than a clock on Earth.

"It makes sense that when you go to another body, like the Moon or Mars, that each one gets its own heartbeat."

The US wants LTC to be ready for 2026 - in time for NASA's manned Artemis III mission to the Moon.

The mission will require extreme precision down to the nanosecond as navigation errors could risk the spacecraft entering the wrong orbits.