A mum did the school run - but forget to take her children.

Bizarre on Female First

Bizarre on Female First

The woman - who shared the hilarious moment on social media - realised her mistake en route to school, and had to turn back to pick up her kids.

She laughed: ''I'm driving to school without my kids. I'm taking the kids to school and I don't even have them in the car.

''I have to go back and pick them up. I can't believe I left my kids.

''I got in the car and left. Oh my god I'm such an idiot, I was half asleep this morning. Where are my kids?''

The video was reshared on Twitter, and followers couldn't get enough of the mum's oversight.

One viewer wrote: ''When you be on autopilot..it's ridiculous the s*** you miss lmaoo. (sic)''

Another joked: ''She said hmm you guys are pretty quiet this morning.''