Mushrooms are being described as the superfood of 2022.



The New York Times newspaper have described mushrooms as the "ingredient of the year" as the items surge in popularity with people seeking out plant-based diets.

According to Forbes magazine, mushrooms are being described as the "new meat" because of their texture.

Research has also revealed that mushrooms have their health benefits by functioning as adaptogens and easing both chronic stress and fatigue in people.

The Scotland Herald newspaper explains: "Some studies have shown function as adaptogens by lowering cortisol levels to potentially alleviate chronic stress and fatigue."

New mushroom products are now emerging due to the food's popularity and it is now being used to make beer.

Forbes magazine states: "In England, a young naturopath had the idea of brewing a range of beers using different mushrooms to take advantage of the medicinal virtues.

"The London-based brand Fungtn has injected a small dose of these wellness boosters into an IPA, a lager and a tropical fruit-flavoured reference, all of which are low in alcohol."