None of my hats match the colour of my outfit and the shops don’t have the right colour – what can I do?

Woman Uses Bath Puff As Hat

Woman Uses Bath Puff As Hat

You have just received an invite to a posh do and having nothing in your wardrobe to wear that matches, what could be worse.

None of this deterred this lady from Lancashire as she set about solving the issue, but after assembling her outfit she still needed a colourco-ordinated hat. The solution turned out to be to use a colour matched household item as the crowning piece to complete her party look. 

Lilian Smith revealed all when she wrote into a magazine telling readers that she had decided to wear a bath puff - those things you have hanging in your shower to wash your body with, but she wore it in her hair.


Smith revealed the thought came to her in the bathroom, after she had struggled to find the right colour fascinator in the shops and realised the bath puff was a perfect colour match. 

Lilian simply attached the puff to a hair clip and attached outfit complete.

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