A new UFO film suggests that alien tricksters are deliberately confusing humanity to prevent the truth from being revealed about extraterrestrials.

The Cosmic Joker claims that extraterrestrials are keeping humans confused

The Cosmic Joker claims that extraterrestrials are keeping humans confused

'The Cosmic Joker' is inspired by the late author and ufologist John Keel – who was famous for his book 'The Mothman Prophecies' which inspired a 2002 film of the same name that starred Richard Gere.

A journalist by trade, Keel used his investigative skills to study UFO phenomena by trawling through thousands of newspaper reports and looking at strange aerial sightings throughout history.

He concluded that extraterrestrials were somehow adapting to the culture of the time and described it as the Cosmic Joker as they always seemed to be teasing humanity to stop the truth from being revealed.

For example, in biblical times angels were seen in the sky while the ancient Hindu texts talked of Vimanas – perceived to be flying temples.

This later evolved into fairies and are now perceived as spaceships in the age of technology.

Award-winning filmmaker and UFO researcher Mark Christopher Lee said: "I wanted to make this film to look in detail at the sheer weirdness of the UFO experience.

"We investigate the Robert Taylor incident in Scotland of a Forest worker who claimed he was attacked by an alien that looked like a sea mine with strange metallic sharp appendages, then we also compare this to the Pascagoula event in the US where two men out fishing were taken aboard a spaceship by beings with weird crab-like pincers... why... what does this mean? Is Keel right that there is a Cosmic Joker out there – some intelligence that is playing with us?"

He added: "There's definitely enough evidence of this trickster being behind UFOs, maybe it's an intelligence from a different realm or dimension of reality.

"I do think that the US government knows this and this is why they will never release the truth to the public... as it's far weirder and more to it than just aliens from another planet!"

'The Cosmic Joker' is streaming now on Tubi and YouTube worldwide.

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