People in New York have been advised to wear face masks when having sex following the coronavirus pandemic.

Face masks

Face masks

Health officials in the city have given couples hoping to make love guidelines to protect themselves from the killer respiratory disease and advised that face protection will stop the spread.

The guide states: ''Wear a face covering or mask. Maybe it's your thing, maybe it's not, but during Covid-19 wearing a face covering that covers your nose and mouth is a good way to add a layer of (extra) protection during sex.

''Heavy breathing and panting can spread the virus further, and if you or your partner have Covid-19 and don't know it, a mask can help stop that spread.''

The advice encourages people to be ''kinky'' by using physical barriers to prevent close contact during intercourse.

It adds: ''Make it a little kinky. Be creative with sexual positions and physical barriers, like walls, that allow sexual contact while preventing close face to face contact.''