A peacock is terrorising a village with its noisy squawking.

A peacock has been keeping villagers up all night

A peacock has been keeping villagers up all night

The bird has been on the loose in the village of Ossett in West Yorkshire since escaping from a nearby farm and has been flying onto people's roofs and hiding in gardens.

Terri Sykes says that the peacock has kept her family awake at night and claims that some residents have had only five hours' sleep in three days due to the bird's persistent squawks.

She said: "It does keep us up at night because it's quite loud. It's not constantly all night but it does give out its loud calls throughout the night - it's like a big echoing sound that travels all across the street.

"Someone has contacted me, asking me where it is because they could hear it from a couple of streets away.

"Everyone is coming out on the street saying they haven't had much sleep and are just shattered."