Fat dogs and cats could be offered weight-loss jabs such as Ozempic.

Fat dogs could be offered Ozempic in the future

Fat dogs could be offered Ozempic in the future

Experts say that the pet obesity crisis is worsening as canines and felines become increasingly portly and there is an interest in using the injections on the animals.

Professor Alex German, a specialist in small animal medicine at the University of Liverpool, is convinced that semaglutide - the key ingredient in jabs such as Ozempic and Wegovy - will restrict an animal's appetite and be an effective treatment for obesity in the same way it has been for humans.

The expert also stressed that pet owners shouldn't always be blamed for an obese animal.

Professor German told The Daily Telegraph newspaper: "The view that obesity in pets is the fault and responsibility of the owner is flawed as it can be genetic and is more complex than a failing owner. We should be supporting owners as best we can."