A parrot that got injured after repeatedly falling to the ground has been given a second chance at flight.

Bizarre on Female First

Bizarre on Female First

Wei Wei - a green-cheeked parakeet - was given a prosthetic pair of wings after hers were cut by her owner, which left her in agony.

Dr. Catherine Apuli made the prosthetic wings out of feathers donated to the clinic and suggested the ''severe wing trim'' left the bird in agony and unable to fly without falling into the ground.

Vets at The Unusual Pet Vets in Brisbane, Australia, fitted Wei Wei's new feathers and she was back in the air within hours.

Dr. Apuli said: ''Primary flight feathers - the big feathers at the ends of the wings - which have been traumatised may result in pain, bleeding, unwanted aggressive behaviour and self-induced feather plucking.

''The imping procedure was performed to prevent further physical injury and to regain flight for optimal mental and physical health.''