Parrots like playing touchscreen games.

Parrots enjoy using apps

Parrots enjoy using apps

Scientists have suggested developing apps that are tailored for the birds in the wake of the study's findings.

Dr. Rebecca Kleinberger, an assistant professor at Northeastern University in Boston, and her colleague created a mobile app game that encouraged parrots to tap a series of red circles as quickly and as accurately as possible.

The experts collected data from the parrots' performance once they had grasped the game and found that the birds did too well to be randomly tapping at the screen.

Dr. Kleinberger said: "A lot of research on animals and technology is about trying to understand: 'What can animals do?'

"And what I always try to do is re-frame the question to: 'What can we do for them? How do we make technology work for their unique bodies and their unique needs?'"

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