Parrots squawk in different accents depending on where they live.

Parrots squawk with varied accents

Parrots squawk with varied accents

Experts have revealed that wild monk parakeets - a small type of parrot - "talk" in varied voices from city to city and are convinced that some of the birds have a form of slang to identify who belongs to which nest.

The boffins from Germany's Max Planck Institute of Animal Behaviour studied parrots in locations across Spain, Belgium, Italy and Greece and noticed the different dialects.

Doctoral student Stephen Tyndel - who led the study - said: "We wanted to find out not only if there are different dialects, but at what geographical scale they occur.

"We discovered that parrots did have different dialects in each city.

"We found birds copy birds making small errors and therefore cities slowly become different from each other. These differences were then maintained over time."

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