Ravers in India are getting high on snake venom.

Indian partiers are getting high on cobra venom

Indian partiers are getting high on cobra venom

Youths in the country are turning to reptile saliva as it can get them high for several days, unlike other substances.

Police raided a party in the state of Uttar Pradesh and discovered cobras and a plastic bottle containing 20ml of snake venom.

Elvish Yadav - a social media influencer who won the nation's equivalent of 'Big Brother' last year - was arrested and charged for providing snake venom.

Snake highs are becoming an increasingly common occurrence and Meet Ashar, a legal adviser with PETA India, explained that the reptiles are treated badly in efforts to extract the toxic venom.

He told The Times newspaper: "They are often starved and have their teeth yanked out to make it safer for the handler to deal with them.

"If the police found 20ml of venom that's huge, and it means many snakes were tortured or even died in the process."