A pet goat helped capture a runaway sheep in Ireland.

Goat helps sheep rescue

Goat helps sheep rescue

Animal rescuers had noticed the animal running loose near a motorway, and charity group My Lovely Horse Rescue - a reference to a classic episode of 'Father Ted' - dispatched a search party to bring it in.

The organisation wrote on Facebook: "We had reports about this little sheep running around the roads and heading for the N4…

"We found him but he ran so we went back out with an MLHR search party including Lilly goat!"

In the end, they found the escaped sheep - which they have now named Philip - and realised he was suffering with an infection.

They continued: "We finally found the poor little man in a ditch, we got him out and to the MLHR FARM. He has no tags and an infection."

Now in the care of My Lovely Horse Resecue, they confirmed that Philip won't have to worry, with plenty of friends around him.

They added: "He’s safe, he’ll have sheep friends and never have to worry."

On its website, the charity desrcibes itself as "an animal welfare organisation that rescues, rehabilitate and rehomes unwanted, neglected and abused animals".

The organisation aims to give the rescued animals "a life worth living".

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