Armed police were scrambled to find a tiger on the loose - only to discover that the animal was a life-size sculpture.



Artist Juliet Simpson, from Underriver in Kent, was told by a neighbour that police were hunting for a big cat and realised that it was a case of mistaken identity.

The 85-year-old told BBC Radio Kent: ''Out of the field opposite came a whole crowd of armed police, who by then knew that it was all a false alarm and I said, 'Would they like to be introduced to my real live tiger?'

''I took them down to the sculpture where they all had a good laugh and took a lot of photographs.''

Simpson admits that she can understand how the sculpture was mistaken for a real animal.

She said: ''It looks quite real, it's meant to look real and it is about 30 metres from the footpath so you can't see it very closely.''