A postman has been conducting his deliveries in fancy dress to boost spirits during the coronavirus pandemic.

Bizarre on Female First

Bizarre on Female First

Jon Matson has dressed as Little Bo Peep and a Greek soldier to ''lift the spirits'' of the residents he sees, and he has told people to expect many more outfits in the coming days.

Jon is allowed to post his letters in his fun costumes as long as he wears his ID and company shoes.

He told the Sunderland Echo newspaper: ''Everyone is uncertain at the moment and you are the only person outside of the family that they see, so why not give them something to smile about?''

The 39-year-old postie claims the reaction on the first day was ''amazing'' and once the word started being spread online, people started looking out for him.

He added to the BBC: ''It has lifted the spirits of the entire community and it's got a lot of people connected and talking which I think is a vital lifeline while we're stuck inside.''