Newspaper readers are considered to be sexually attractive.

People lust after newspaper readers

People lust after newspaper readers

A survey of 2,000 people in Britain discovered that those browsing broadsheets and tabloids were more likely to "catch the eye" in public places than those looking at Kindles or books.

The poll - conducted for the dating site FindingTheOne - also revealed that people glued to their phones or eating were considered to be the least attractive.

Relationship expert Sylvia Linzalone said: "It turns out nothing is sexier than a well-informed mind.

"It's great to see those who prefer the rustle of a newspaper over the scroll of a screen are topping the charts in the dating game.

"In an era where digital screens dominate our affection, there's an allure to those who appreciate the timeless appeal of ink on paper and the art of taking things slow.

"So, to all you newspaper readers out there, keep turning the pages and turning heads while you're at it!"