Experts are on the brink of finding out what apes talk about.

Scientists could be about to decode orangutan talk

Scientists could be about to decode orangutan talk

Researchers have figured out that the primates make 1,033 distinct sounds - including roars and sighs - and the findings could lead to a common language between humans and the animals.

A team at Cornell University in New York put together a dataset of 117 recorded "long calls" made by 13 male Bornean orangutans and were able to split them into different categories with AI assistance.

Ecologist Dr. Wendy Erb said: "Our research aimed to unravel the complexities of orangutan long calls, which play a crucial role in their communication across vast distances in Indonesia.

"While our study represents a significant step forward in understanding orangutan communication, there is still much to uncover.

"Orangutans may possess a far greater repertoire of sound types than we have described."