Scientists claim to have created an "age-reversing" coffee that makes people six years younger in only six months.

Scientists have created 'age-reversing' coffee

Scientists have created 'age-reversing' coffee

Boffins from Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard universities have developed the elixir - called UDA - and say that those who drank the concoction every day for six months reduced their biological age by an average of 6.1 years.

Dr. Avi Roy, who helped to develop the drink, said: "Tests on rats, fish, flies and worms have revealed we can reverse ageing in biological systems.

"Longevity is a big deal. The aim is also to prevent diseases before they happen so we can reduce the cost of healthcare worldwide."

The team behind the formula also felt that patients were more likely to take it in the form of coffee rather than tablets.

Dr. Roy said: "When you're not sick, you don't want to pop pills."