Today is National Another Look Unlimited Day, a day to start your fall or Autumn cleaning. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Have things got out of control since your spring clean? If so, it’s the perfect opportunity to set them right again before Christmas, so here are some suggestions to get you started.

Clear out your closet/wardrobe:  You are bound to know what summer clothes you didn’t wear this year, so purge the ones you didn’t gravitate towards, put the ones you did away for another year and get all your autumn clothes out ready for the cooler weather.

Purge the attic: As the weather turns colder, you will want to spend more and more time inside your home and it will be a much nicer place to be if it’s clean and organised. So, start from the top and make your way south by beginning work in the attic space. You can concentrate on everything but your Christmas stuff as there will be time for that later. But even if you work on one box a day, this will bring you closer to having an organised and  airy space above your bedrooms! 

Donate some toys: If you have children there are bound to be some toys they no longer play with.  If this sounds familiar, pull out everything that they don’t enjoy anymore and make some room for the inevitable presents that will enter your home at Christmas.

Deep clean your home: As the items in your life start to lessen, then it’s the perfect opportunity to pay closer attention to under the furniture, behind the cabinets and those hard to reach places that are usually missed in day to day cleaning. Your carpets will be filled with glitter and pine needles over the Christmas period so make sure that they aren’t falling on existing dust and grime. 

Repurpose something: Perhaps you have a side table in your loft that is doing nothing but collecting dust. Could you paint it or varnish it to give it a new lease of life? Do you have some old welly boots that could make some quirky planters in your garden? Do you have a box of old greeting cards that could be cut up to make gift tags? Try to see the potential in the things already in your home. 

Take a trip to the tip/dump: If you’ve had a pile earmarked for skipping for a while now, why not collect it all up and take it to your local refuse centre? Your house will breathe a huge sigh of relief once these items have vacated your valuable space. 

Sell something: If you have a piece that is too good to tip and too big to donate, why not consider selling it? Even if you get a few pounds, it saves you the hassle of having to take it to your local donation centre and you can put the money towards something you actually want. If you have something you are saving for, the greater the incentive to shift more items and get as much as you can for them. 

Happy National Another Look Unlimited Day

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