Today is National Do Something Nice Day, and while there are many nice things that can be done for strangers when the country isn’t in lockdown, there are others you can do for those who you live with while we are. Here are a few suggestions…

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Making your partner a brew/breakfast/lunch: If you are in a relationship and both working from home, one easy way to brighten their day is to make them a cuppa when you are making one for yourself or by making them breakfast or lunch while you are getting something to munch on at your desk. 

Read to your child: If you have got out of the habit of reading to your little one/s lockdown is the perfect time to encourage this nightly habit again. So when you're tucking them in, read them a chapter of their favourite book to help send them off into a peaceful night’s sleep. 

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Give someone a call who is on their own: While you might not be able to visit all the people you want to right now, if you know someone who is on their own, give them a ring. Your phone call might be the only one they get in a day, so give them something to look forward to and talk about anything and everything to take their mind off being by themselves at this time. 

Give someone a compliment: If you are out shopping and like a sweater that someone is wearing, tell them! If you see someone on social media has had a new hair cut or been given a promotion, send them a message telling them how good they look or how much they deserve it. 

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Let someone go in front of you at the supermarket: If you have to go out shopping today and you need a few bits, let someone behind you in the queue go ahead if they have less than you do, especially if they are grabbing their lunch and look like they are in a rush. 

Hold the door open for someone: If you have to go out to the shops today, or to pick up your child from school for instance, hold the door open for someone if they look like they are struggling. Even if they aren’t, do it anyway! 

Donate some food for a Harvest Festival: There is bound to be a collection somewhere in your community for food to be donated to your local food bank as part of a Harvest Festival. Search on Facebook or ask around and take anything that has a long shelf life to the local collection point.  

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