National Just Because Day offers you the opportunity to do good things...just because. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Most days are about doing things because we have to with reasons such as it’s our job to, or because we feel obligated to. Today, the only reason you need to give is- ‘just because’ and no one can ask any questions. Here are some suggestions...

Buy the thing you’ve been eyeing up for a while: If there’s an item on your wishlist that you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to buy- well now is the ideal time to treat yourself- just because. 

If you want to use a holiday day for some me time... Book it now and spend it doing something that brings you joy- shopping, reading, gaming, writing, walking, exercising… whatever… just because. 

Pay for someone else’s bill: If you feel like buying your coworker some lunch or treating someone to coffee in the line in front of you- or if you want to pay the bill for the people on the table next to you in a restaurant- do it, just because. 

Sing your heart out: Turn up the music in your home and dance till you can dance no more, sing your favourite tune (badly if you want) while you’re driving and make people laugh at the traffic lights with your accompanying moves- just because.

Surprise someone with a gift they will love: Does your mother like flowers? Buy her a big bunch and make her smile! Does your partner enjoy a cheeky take away? Order one on your way home and give them a dinner time treat! Does your sibling need cheering up? Pick a funny movie to watch together and give them a giggle. Just because. 

Make something up: A new fun game for you and the family, a story to tell your child at bedtime or a poem to read to yourself when you need a boost. Just because... there is creativity in us all. 

Contact someone you haven’t spoken to in ages: Not because it’s their birthday, or because they are sad, not because they are celebrating an anniversary or because they are great at giving advice… just because.

Happy National Just Because Day! 

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