National Plus Size Appreciation Day is a day to celebrate all the ladies and men out there who are plus sized, proving that beauty comes in all shapes and packages.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

So if you are big, tall or curvy... or all three, here is how you can celebrate today!

Share your favourite look on your social media: Dress up in your favourite outfit, even if it’s fancy (who cares if we are in lockdown) take a picture of yourself and post it on your feeds with the hashtag #PlusSizeAppreciationDay. Don’t be afraid to brag, you know you look amazing!

Contact a retailer that’s behind with the times: If you love the clothes that an online store has to offer but they don’t cater for your size, why not get in touch and ask them why their clothes don’t exceed a certain number or why their range of plus sized clothing is seriously restricted? You and others have money to spend there if they would only sit up and listen to the demand. 

Treat yourself to something new: Take a look on your favourite website and buy yourself a little something to brighten your day. Lockdown has been hard- you deserve a pick me up (any excuse will do!).

Read a plus size book: A quick search on Google will bring up a long list of books along these lines, but you can’t go wrong with the likes of Making It Big: A deliciously funny satire by Lyndsay Russell or My Pear Shaped Life by Carmel Harrington.  Choose a biography from someone who is plus size and in the public eye such as Ashley Graham’s A New Model: What Confidence, Beauty, and Power Really Look Like or select something on the topic of plus sized fashion like The Art of Dressing for Curves by Susan Moses. 

Watch an inspiring talk: A quick search on YouTube will bring up a number of TED Talks on the topic of body positivity which are well worth a watch. We love this one by Ashley Graham...

Find your new favourite YouTuber:  While you’re taking a peek at YouTube, you can familiarise yourself with some of the many plus size influencers who post about clothing hauls, reviews and their favourite brands every week. So while you can’t go out shopping with your friends, you can see what they are trying on instead. 

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Get social: If you are confident enough to do so, why not set up an Instagram and showcase all your favourite plus size looks? Or you could set up your own YouTube channel to discuss YOUR favourite brands, to share YOUR own clothing hauls and to review new plus size clothing that is hitting the shelves every day. 

Happy National Plus Size Appreciation Day to all the beautiful plus size people out there! 

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