Today is the day- it’s National Waffle Day- a chance to celebrate all things waffly, waffling and waffleable (ok, we made these words up but they seem fitting for such an occasion). 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

The 24th August marks the day that the first waffle iron patent was issued, which means we have the inventor Cornelius Swarthout to thank for the iconic impression that’s left on the basic batter or dough mixture that we all know and love. 

So if you’re looking for an excuse to tuck in- here are seven ways you can raise your glass to the humble breakfast, snack or dessert, depending on your preference. 

Dine In: Check online for your most local restaurant or cafe that specialises in waffles and invite your partner, friend or parent along to indulge with you. Some of us aren’t blessed in the kitchen and that’s ok!

Invest in a waffle maker: If you’d rather make your own, why not buy a maker for yourself and seek out some recipes online to get you started? Once you’ve had enough practice, you can ask your partner or roommate to be your guinea pig to start with and eventually... invite people over for a waffle buffet. Speaking of…

Have a waffle party: If there is a waffle maker lurking at the back of your pantry, why not pull it out, give it a dust off and invite some people over for a waffle making party? Get them to bring ingredients of their choice and once they are all made, lay them out for everyone to try. The more weird and wonderful the accompaniment the better- think nuts, syrups and fresh fruit to get you started.  

Try a new recipe: If you already own a waffle maker and it’s not seen much action lately, get some new toppings and ingredients to add to your basic dough and make something new. You might find that it becomes one of your favourite kitchen gadgets again once you see what it can do! 

Brush up on your waffle knowledge: Did you know that in 1911 the first electric waffle iron was introduced by General Electric? Or that in 1964, Belgian Waffles debuted at New York’s World’s Fair? If you’re curious about this food and it’s history, why not do a little digging and impress your friends by telling them about the wonder of waffles? 

Invest in a good waffle cookery book: Take a look on Amazon or your local bookstore and see what there is to offer in the world of waffles. Then you can make one every day until you get to the end! 

Buy one ready made: If you are time poor today, simply call in at your local supermarket and pick one up in the baked goods aisle, don’t miss out simply because you are busy. There is an option to fit into every schedule! 

Happy National Waffle Day!

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