An Australian shopkeeper has come up with a ''genius'' way of stopping customers stockpiling toilet roll.

Bizarre on Female First

Bizarre on Female First

Hazem Sedda, who runs a shop in Sydney, is allowing customers to buy a two pack of toilet roll for $3.50 (£3) but anyone who adds a second pack will be charged $99 (£84).

A sign in front of his stock of toilet rolls reads: ''Don't be greedy. Think of the other people.

Hazem took to the shop's Instagram page to explain his cheeky tactic.

He wrote: ''We do have toilet paper. And we are doing our best to keep them in stock for you.

''Please only buy what you need. Don't buy to stock up as a lot of people are desperate for one roll.''

The post has received 13,000 views with people describing the concept as ''genius'' and a ''brilliant idea''.