Smoking cigarettes increases belly fat.

Cigarettes increase belly fat

Cigarettes increase belly fat

Analysis of genetic and smoking habits has uncovered a link between the habit and abdominal fat and provides evidence that puffing away can lead to higher fat levels, even though the practice is usually associated with weight loss.

Data from over two million people found that the effect is more significant for visceral abdominal fat - which is not visible but surrounds the internal organs.

Dr. German Carrasquilla, lead author of the research at the University of Copenhagen, said: "The influence of smoking on belly fat seems to happen regardless of other factors such as socioeconomic status, alcohol use, ADHD, or how much a risk-taker someone is.

"From a public health point of view, these findings reinforce the importance of large-scale efforts to prevent and reduce smoking in the general population, as this may also help to reduce abdominal visceral fat and all the chronic diseases that are related to it.

"Reducing one major health risk in the population will, indirectly, reduce another major health risk."