Eating fruit after a night out can reduce the effects of a hangover.

Fruit can lessen the impact of a hangover

Fruit can lessen the impact of a hangover

Nutritionist and podcaster Dr. Rhonda Patrick has pinpointed studies that show how fructose - the sugar that naturally occurs in fruit - can increase the speed at which the body gets rid of alcohol.

Dr. Patrick explained that eating fruits such as grapes, watermelons and bananas the morning after a heavy night can cut the amount of alcohol in the blood and rehydrate the body by replenishing salts.

However, she warned that fruit juice is a poor alternative to fresh fruit when it comes to tackling a hangover.

Dr. Patrick said on her FoundMyFitness podcast: "Am I suggesting that fructose is an anti-hangover remedy? No. But this is an interesting mechanism by which food and fruit, in particular, may lessen some of the adverse effects of alcohol.

"Note that fructose from whole fruit, with the benefit of fibre and micronutrients, is vastly different from highly refined fructose from fruit juices."