Stone Age humans wore tailored clothes.

Stone Age humans were fashion-conscious

Stone Age humans were fashion-conscious

Experts have revealed that fashion started to emerge at the end of the last Ice Age as temperatures became too cold for traditional decorative body painting.

Hunter-gatherers started sewing to tailor and layer items of clothing and customised their outfits with things like beads, according to findings based on the discoveries of 40,000-year-old eyed bone needles in Siberia.

Dr. Ian Gilligan, an archaeologist at the University of Sydney, said: "We know clothing up until the last glacial cycle was only used on an ad hoc basis.

"Eyed needles document a transition in the function of clothing from utilitarian to social purposes."

He continued: "The appearance of eyed needles signals the use of clothing as decoration.

"Eyed needles would have been especially useful for the very fine sewing required to decorate clothing."