Strawberries contain dangerous 'forever chemicals'.

Strawberries are full of dangerous toxins

Strawberries are full of dangerous toxins

The snacks topped a list of fruits and vegetables in British supermarkets that contain potentially harmful pesticide toxins called PFAS - which have been nicknamed 'forever chemicals' as they do not leave the body once consumed.

The substances have been linked to various health issues including cancer, high cholesterol and a repressed immune system.

It is also feared that the toxins - which are also prevalent in grapes, cherries and spinach - affect growth, learning and behaviour development in children.

Nick Mole, from Pesticide Action Network UK (Pan UK), said: "Given the growing body of evidence linking PFAS to serious diseases such as cancer, it is deeply worrying that UK consumers are being left with no choice but to ingest these chemicals, some of which may remain in their bodies long into the future.

"We urgently need to develop a better understanding of the health risks associated with ingesting these 'forever chemicals' and do everything we can to exclude them from the food chain."