A surfer survived a shark attack by punching the animal and dropping an F-bomb.

Bizarre on Female First

Bizarre on Female First

Nick Minogue, from Auckland, New Zealand, has recalled how he lived to tell the tale of fighting off a Great White after he hit the sea creature in the eye.

Nick told the New Zealand Herald: ''I felt the bang as the shark hit me, as it came up on my left-hand side and hit my forearm and elbow.

''I'd heard they didn't like being punched in the eye or the nose or the head.

''So I went to punch it in the eye.

''It was the most vulnerable and soft target I could reach.''

However, it wasn't the first whack that led the shark on its way, but the second one, which Nick said he also shouted ''f*** off'' during.

The water sports enthusiast fortunately escaped with just a few cuts to his arm.