A man found a tourist's iPhone as he was using his metal detector to hunt for treasure.



Joe Lynch was looking for loot on Fort Myers Beach in Florida when his device alerted him to the phone in the sand under a small amount of water.

He told WBBH-TV: "I put my scoop in, pulled it up and there was an iPhone sitting in my scoop. My first thought is well it's broken, it's not gonna work. I flipped it over and it was still on, which amazed me that it was on and working."

Lynch was able to trace the phone's owner and found that it belonged to Lacy Moulton, who had lost her smartphone in the water the night before.

She said: "I was shocked, literally! My friend was with me and we were both just screaming of happiness. Right before he called me I was saying, I hope there's a good guy out there that does things like this and gives it back, and it was him, and I'm so blessed."