Two children have become millionaires from videos posted on YouTube by their mother.



Gaby and Alex Vilumsome earned more than £1.1 million from the site last year with their content, which includes playing with toys and making pancakes, amassing 7.9 billion views.

One video, in which Alex, seven, and Gaby, six, sing songs in the bath to their mum Sabine, has been watched more than 980 million times.

The siblings, from Rossendale in Lancashire, also have 17.1 million subscribers on their channel 'Gaby & Alex'.

Figures from their operating firm, Toys and Little Gaby Ltd, show "retained earnings" of £1,529,658 in April 2020, more than £1 million up on the previous year's figures.

YouTube gives part of its advertising revenue to those behind the most popular videos, with gamer Daniel Middleton earning more than £25 million for his clips.