Taking vitamins daily does not help people live longer.

Vitamin supplements don't make people live longer

Vitamin supplements don't make people live longer

The supplements promise health benefits ranging from immune systems boosts to strong bones but regularly taking them has no impact on how long a person lives.

Surprisingly, the daily usage of multivitamins was associated with a four per cent higher risk of mortality - according to a study involving almost 400,000 healthy adults.

The research was led by experts at the National Cancer Institute in the US and focused on participants with an average age of 61 - who had no history of cancer or other chronic diseases - for over 20 years.

During the timeframe, 164,762 people died and there were no longevity benefits for those who took vitamins daily.

The study concluded: "The analysis showed that people who took daily multivitamins did not have a lower risk of death from any cause than people who took no multivitamins.

"There were also no differences in mortality from cancer, heart disease, or cerebrovascular diseases."