The way a person walks can determine if they sleep well at night.

The way someone walks influences how they sleep

The way someone walks influences how they sleep

Experts in the US strapped motion sensors to a group of young adults and found that those who moved their hips more as they walked and had irregularly timed steps were more likely to be bad sleepers.

It was also a sign that these walkers were more likely to get hurt.

The team from George Mason University wrote in the journal Sleep Science: "Poor sleepers may display very subtle changes in gait normally associated with difficulty initiating and maintaining gait speed. Notably, these gait patterns are similar to individuals who are at a higher risk for lower extremity injuries or walking more slowly."

The boffins used technology and AI to establish the difference between walkers but study leader Joel Martin says the signs can be spotted with the naked eye.

The kinesiologist told MailOnline: "Most people probably do this sleep-negative walk on a daily basis without really thinking about it."