On April 19th each year, Project Laundry List sponsors National Hanging Out Day along with many other organisations. The day is designed to help people understand the benefits both financially and environmentally of drying your laundry outside. Drying your clothing outdoors has many upsides- it can reduce your carbon footprint, save you money, give your laundry a natural freshness and the very act encourages you to breathe in some fresh air! If you want to reduce your energy bills, especially as the prices are set to go up next year, here are some ways to celebrate and observe this day: 

Simon Dack / Alamy Stock Photo

Simon Dack / Alamy Stock Photo

Install a clothesline: If you don’t already have one- it’s time to put one up in your garden, in your backyard or on your balcony or ask someone handy in your household to do it for you. Clotheslines are relatively inexpensive and you will make the money back you invest in one within no time if you stop using your tumble dryer. 

Install a clothesline for someone else: If you have an elderly relative or friend who will struggle to install a clothesline for themselves but would like one all the same, do them a favour and pop one in their outdoor space for them. They will be grateful to you for helping them save some pennies and if they need assistance pegging it out- offer your services for that too! 

Peg your clothes onto your clothesline: Invest in some good quality pegs if you didn't have a clothes line already (I personally chose some stainless steel ones as they are anti-rust and love anything shiny, which makes me want to hang out my washing every time!)

If you are already blessed with a clothesline- start to use it- it’s not just for show! Blow the dust off your peg bag, wipe the line clean and start to dry your clothes outside from today. The weather is only improving with each new month so you don't have that as an excuse anymore! 

Try sleeping in bedding that has been air dried: Wash your bedding and hang it out to dry, put your clean sheets back on, then slide into your freshly made bed and smell the difference! You will never tumble your sheets again as nothing that comes out of a box will give you the same smell.  

Take your time: While you are hanging out your wet clothes, listen to the sounds of the outdoors- the birdsong, the distant traffic or the wind in the trees. Do it slowly and mindfully and maybe sit out if you can spare the time and watch the different materials blowing in the breeze while you have a drink. It is an activity that appeals to many of the senses. 

Take a picture of your clothes hanging neatly along your clothesline: Maybe avoid underwear if you can- and share it on your socials to educate others on how you are personally cutting back on your energy usage. Other people might just copy your example and it’s good news for both them and the environment. 

Share your tips and tricks: If you have a blog, use this as your platform or like in the previous point use your social media to promote best practice. Did you know that if you give everything a good shake and pull at the bottom corners it will prevent you having to iron your clothes? Now there is something I can get on board with! 

Happy National Hanging Out Day!

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